Why Storytelling?

I started Tall Hair Creative out of love for stories. I was writing on my blog (www.alifeenroute.com) and loving it. Most of my writing was and is first person essays – usually a story about something I went through and what I learned. So many people reached out to tell me how much my stories were connecting with them. At the same time, I was going through a personal transformation instigated by my writing. I was getting so much clarity from writing out my experiences, thoughts, and emotions. I realized that storytelling had impact beyond what I was doing.


Storytelling can be used in every facet of our lives – personal, business, social, etc. It’s a tool t


Through the process of storytelling, you have to really dig deep into your emotions, which forces you to analyze your thoughts, and you start to realize why you think certain things. This is where the clarity comes in. Uncovering your story gets you clear and focused on what you want. With that clear mind, you can start to create a plan to achieve your goals.


The other beauty of storytelling is the connection it generates. I mentioned above how people reached out to me to tell me how much they loved my stories, but also how they related to it. They appreciated my raw honesty and they felt less alone.


When we suppress our stories, we isolate ourselves. Storytelling is the number one way to cultivate connection. And connection is key in business. First, with your customers. When you are clear on the story of who you are as a business, it’s easy to build a brand that shares that story. That’s why we always start with getting to know you and uncovering your story before we build a brand. Not only is it easy to build a great brand this way, you are building an authentic brand and authenticity will always connect with your customers. They will be attracted to what you’re sharing and will connect with your brand.


The second way storytelling can build connection in your business is often forgotten about, especially for small businesses. It’s your team. Even if you don’t have a team yet, this is still important thing to think about. As a former Organizational Development consultant and HR manager, I have seen the full spectrum of team issues. It always comes back to trust and communication. When issues arise on the team, whether they are interpersonal or more tangible, it’s because your team members are not communicating well, or at all. And they are not communicating because they don’t have trust yet.


Storytelling builds trust. It’s that simple. And where there is trust, there can be innovation. Teams that do not trust each other, are never able to truly innovate. Because innovation takes a lot of risk and to take risks you have to trust that your team has your back. You also have to trust that your team will come back after risks fail.


When a team knows their team story (i.e. clear vision and a strong foundation of values), they know where they are going and believe the rest of their team is working in the same direction. But trust is really developed when teams take a step back from the work and spend time sharing their individual stories with each other. When you get to know the people you work with 40, 50, 60 hours a week in an authentic light, your perspective on the work changes, because you believe everyone on your team is doing their best. This all limits communication issues. And increases innovation.


So that is why we use storytelling. Clarity and connection. If you are ready to get clear and connected – check out the services we offer: life design coaching, workshops for teams, and branding services.


We love stories. Let’s tell yours!

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