Brand & Website Design for Comedian Melissa Stokoski

This might be my most personal brand design yet.

Backstory, Melissa and I were great friends and tennis partners freshman year of high school. And we were amazing af as tennis partners. But, sigh, Melissa transferred high schools junior year, and we lost touch.

But oh - em - gee, was I excited to rejoin Facebook this summer and see Melissa in my inbox, (probably the only good part of rejoining Facebook), telling me how excited she was to see my face and thought what I was doing with my writing was super cool (or something like that). Then I took a look at what she was up to, and she’s a COMEDIAN IN NEW YORK CITY. I was so impressed and jealous. And you guys, she’s hilarious. You have to watch her stuff on youtube. She actually co-wrote HANDMAID’S TALE: THE MUSICAL, which sounds hilarious (and the New York Times confirmed). I really hope to catch a show one of these days soon!

So at the same time we got in contact, I was launching THC, and I reached out to her about helping her with her website. I told her I was genuinely inspired by her feminist comedy and authentic storytelling. And I was dying to help her with her branding and website.

And she let me!

So we started with a very long, very hilarious phone call. Catching up, but mostly talking through what kind of comedian Melissa wanted to be, or more specifically, what did she want her brand to be as a comedian. She knew she needed to update her website but at the same time she was confused about her brand. So we talked through everything. Personal and professional. And she gained some clarity.

Since working with Stephanie, I have a clearer vision of what I’m doing and what I want with a website I’m proud to show.
— Melissa Stokoski, Comedian (Brooklyn)

And I had an idea for her moodboard. I wanted a color palette that complimented her Handmaid’s Tale costume, because I knew there would be a bunch of photos of that, but also had to be versatile for her other photos and photos in the future. Melissa loved the dark colors. She wanted the background to be a dark, dark purple, almost black. But also wanted to highlight that dark yellow throughout the site.

nyc comedian brand design mood board


Using her brand’s new colors, I designed a functional website for her. A homepage with a little bio. A page with a calendar of all her upcoming shows. A page for her podcast, “Speaking of Carrie”. A page with video clips and photographs. A page highlighting Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical and all of its amazing press. And a contact page.

For Melissa, the hardest part about her website in the past has been the upkeep. So I wanted to create a site she could continue to use, long after our work together. I wanted it to be easy for her to update shows and upload new photos.

I used Squarespace’s integrations for calendar, which can be a little tricky to figure out, so I created a step by step PDF guide for her on how to update it with new shows. Personalized with screenshots! I also included how to update photos and videos.

I am 100% certain that Melissa is going to get her own Netflix special very soon, or a comedy series on HBO. Will her new website & brand contribute to that? Who knows? But yes.

Check out Melissa’s website to see her calendar of shows or YouTube clips. If you’re in NYC or in the area, she has shows all over the east coast - go check her out! She is hilarious and lovely. And probably still a really good tennis partner.

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