Brand & Website Design for Helen Foster of HeleFab Enterprises (like Hellah Fabulous)


If I wanted kids, I would want my daughter to grow up to be Helen Foster. She is so badass and not just her badass arm tattoos.

Helen owns, HeleFab Enterprises, a life coaching biz (well life coaching isn’t that great of a term for it, she’s more like a business owner who facilities programs for women to be badass and live their dreams).

On our first call, Helen told me how she wanted to work with women and young girls to help them break out of the box that society has put around them. Help them define their own rules. And create an inclusive space for them to learn, develop, and grow.


So immediately, I had some ideas.

At the end of our first call, I told her that one word kept coming up for me as she was talking to me, and I blurted out, ‘coven’. Helen replied, “I was hoping you were going to say coven.” When I created the moodboard, I really let the coven guide me.

Helen is such a force. And she is so passionate about helping women realize their own power and living life on their own terms, so I wanted the imagery to be focused on strong women, who aren’t necessarily playing by society’s rules. I also loved the idea of a gypsy woman, with lots of scarves and jewelry, instead of the common portrayal of a witch (i.e. pointy hat and boots with a broomstick). I didn’t want to appropriate gypsy culture, but I liked the idea of a strong woman, not playing by society’s rules, with a lot of glamour to her - sparkley and lots of layers.

The deep purple and gold felt strong and feminine, but also magical. The off white and grey made it feel cozy. Like wrapping yourself up in a blanket and drinking coffee on your deck. I liked the idea of magical imagery, like crystals, but tarot card readings and crystal workshops are becoming super popular offerings and I knew Helen wasn’t going to offer that, and I didn’t want it to confuse her audience. I didn’t want to focus heavily on magic, but I wanted it to kind of guide the feeling of her brand. Because Helen is all about showing people the magic inside of themselves.

Helen didn’t love the image in the upper right hand corner, of the woman holding and chanting. She thought it looked a little too “chanty”, which she’s right. It does look a cult of women in Ojai, CA, who are maybe about to do a mass suicide. Okay, maybe that’s too much, but we agreed that it wasn’t an image we wanted to guide the brand.

Woman Life Coach Brand Mood Board.png

Helen’s package didn’t include an original logo, but I quickly came up with a standard image she could use on the website.

I chose font that looked like old-timey script and feminine, something you’d see on the over of a spell book. The DEVIOUS font, was a magical take on the standard serif. And the VALENCIA was a script that we could use throughout the site, for quick headers.

I swapped the grey for a blue to the color scheme, because it needed a little more color. A website with only purple, gold, grey and white looked like a football team.

The patterns were inspired by the coven/magical imagery, without using crystals or cauldrons. I thought the starry nights were a simple but effective background for social media images, or wherever she needed.

Life Coach for Women Brand Style Guide.png

Helen had an existing site using Wix, for And instead of switching over everything to Squarespace, she had the genius idea of me laying out everything on Powerpoint, and she would do it herself. Going forward, I want to stray away from this, because I don’t want clients to feel like they have to work while also paying me. But this was a great solution for this time. Surprisingly, PPT makes a great format for laying out websites and it was a lot of fun using it. And Helen did a wonderful job uploading it herself.

I used the off white for a background, to give it the light and cozy feeling. The purple would have been way too dark for her site. I’ve used it for other clients, but I thought for someone selling a service that is so personal and intimate, I wanted to give it a fuzzy feeling.

Helen already had a bunch of beautiful professional photos, and this color scheme worked really well with her existing photos. She’s so beautiful and her tattoos remind you how strong and badass she is.

While the colors may have been fuzzy, I wrote the copy to be really strong - powerful, feminist, and loving. I focused on not playing by the rules, meeting you where you’re at, and community.

We talked for awhile about her services, what she offers now and wants to eventually grow to offering. And I helped her organize her coaching packages into three clear categories and wrote copy that would explain who is best for each package.

In addition to her services and herself, Helen also has a bunch of amazing things going on in parallel to HeleFab, like her podcast and girl gang. So I created pages for each of those to highlight all of the great things she is doing.

Helen was super happy with everything! And she took the month of December off from social media and waited until the new year to launch her new site, and I am so happy with how everything turned out. It was super fun working with Helen and I’m always inspired by the great things she’s doing for women. If you’re looking for a life coach, or anyone to help you with achieving goals, please reach out to Helen at She’s a beautiful human being and can help you do so much!