Brand & Website Design: “We Are Becoming” Blogger, Anne Gaskins


Anne Gaskins is a blogger, graduate student, and full-time teacher based in Seattle. Yes, she is crazy busy!

Her writing is focused on self-care, mindfulness, and body positivity. Anne is going to graduate school to become a therapist. After graduation, she wants to work with people in helping profession, i.e. teachers, social workers, nurses, etc. Careers where there is a high level of burnout. Anne wants to support people who give so much of themselves to others at their job and help them to develop self-care, self-love, and self-compassion. Anne eventually wants to have her own coaching business, doing workshops and programs for helpers all over the country. When speaking with Anne, it was not hard to feel inspired by her authenticity and passion for helping others feel good.

Right now, her website is a blog, but I was mindful that eventually this website will host her coaching business.

When she reached out to me to do a brand and website revamp, she told me that she had not been blogging a lot lately. Partly due to her busy schedule but also because she no longer liked the way her blog looked and it stopped feeling therapeutic to write on it. So I told her that we were going to make her blog a sanctuary, where she felt the act of writing as self-care and she really looked forward to spending time on the site. A space that she looked forward to spending time.

When creating the moodboard, I wanted to illustrate:

  • airy

  • soft

  • lush

  • abundance

Wellness Coach Blog Mood Board .png

Anne loved the board. We ended up changing the color scheme a bit. But the subtle colorfulness with lots of white space remained. She also loved the wreaths and leaves.

Then I created the Brand Stye Guide!

You’ll see a variation in colors from the moodboard. And the logo was a quick typography version, as her plan did not include an original logo.

Knowing that she loved that nature iconography, I created pretty floral patterns for her to use in social media.

Wellness Coach Blog Brand Style Guide.png

Then I created some Instagram templates using Canva. Of course there are a lot more sophisticated platforms for design, but Canva is great! And Anne is very familiar with it. So it made sense to create some templates for her on there that she could regularly update.

I wanted to keep the color scheme consistent, with some variation in the flora and fauna. This will make each post stand out, but will create a lovely grid on Instagram.

As I mentioned above, Anne’s website will eventually be the website for her business. But right now, it’s solely a blog, with only an About Me and Contact page in addition to the blog posts. And because she works full-time as a teacher and goes to school full-time, she doesn’t have a lot of time to curate and edit professional photos. So it was very important that the blog graphics be gorgeous af.

Just as I did with the Instagram posts, I used the same color scheme, but with wildly different floral patterns as backgrounds. Because the colors remain the same, the variation in designs all compliment each other. I also through some simpler blue templates too.

Now the website!

Like I said above, there’s not too many pages or photos involved in Anne’s site, but we didn’t want it to be boring.

I wanted the white space to make it feel airy and light. But to compliment that, we played around with the font colors - using the brown, pink, and blue.

The copywriting was minimal, but I wanted it to stand out and be sure to highlight Anne’s genuine loveliness and what she is doing on her blog.

Here is what Anne had to say:

“I wanted a space on the internet that conveyed my authentic vision more clearly - a space that felt like my own to blog in. Through the process, Stephanie helped me discover the true potential of my vision and showed me how I could make it a reality, and I ended up with a beautiful website that I can use for much more than blogging.

Stephanie asked me questions that I would never have thought to think about when designing my brand - her emphasis was on my story. It wasn't about image, which many websites and brands are. It really felt like she wanted to infuse my branding with who I am and make my website design and style guide something that speaks my message for me. She was reliable and communicative and genuinely receptive to feedback, making modifications based on preferences of mine that came up in the process.

I have a clearer vision of what I want for myself - I know what business I want to start, and before I talked to her I didn't know I even wanted to start a business! Her process helped me figure some things out about my dreams that are giving me more purpose and direction as I finish school and continue writing.

Tall Hair is a very creative, thoughtful, and inspiring company to work with. Stephanie really tries to put your story into a personal brand, and that care really shows in her communication and in the final product.”

Anne was a joy to work with. She is so sweet and kind, who is so intentional and loving in her writing and her work. If you are interested in working with Tall Hair Creative for Brand Design and Creative Strategy…

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