Suzanne & John's Engagement Photos


Surprisingly, one of the most difficult parts of opening up Tall Hair Creative is explaining what I do to my mom. Not her fault at all! I’m just terrible at explaining this stuff to people who dont have familiarity with branding, coaching, etc.

I’m pretty sure she understands now. But she has been really, really supportive of this venture the whole time. And she has been extremely encouraging of me learning photography. I have an Amazon Wish List of things I need for my business, to keep track and can easily purchase when I have the funds. My mom will secretly go on there and buy me photography supplies! Isn’t that so cute!?!?!

Well, maybe one of the most supportive and loving things she’s done for my business. was set up my Aunt Suzanne’s engagement photos! Aunt Suzanne got engaged to John the week prior on a vacation in Mexico. I was visiting my mom in Michigan for a night, when my mom came up with this idea, and I was so jealous that she came up with the idea! Suzanne and I have always been super close. But I wasn’t actually jealous, just really excited and nervous to do it. Because we’ve been super close since I was 14 years old, and when my mom and I would fight, I would call her to pick me up and take me to lunch and try to convince her she was my real mom. Spoiler alert: she’s not.

So my mom told Suzanne that she set up a photographer for her and John the next day, but didn’t tell her who the photographer was. We met at the park near both their homes, on Walled Lake. Suzanne and John were really surprised and excited to see me! It was super cute. It was a bit chilly outside, it was fine for me, but it was freezing outside for the adults. Meaning, we had to this really quick.

And we did! We got some great shots. We even had time to get photos of my mom and stepdad Chris. It was really fun and I was very happy with how they turned out, but more importantly, Suzanne and John loved them! And my mom loved them too! She called me, and she was choking up telling me how proud she was of me. (BRB crying).