Eris Eady

Eris Eady


poet. activist. storyteller.

I had to stop myself from putting more than 3 titles for Eris because frankly, Eris is everything. But let me back up. First, Eris is my friend from grad school. And actually one of my first friends in the program. Our program was touchy feely (in a good way) and on the first day, we were assigned “Families” and I was so lucky to get Eris in mine.

When our family, shared our stories with one another, Eris blew me away. Her honesty & authenticity coupled with her confidence and poise was unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. The more I got to know Eris throughout the program, the more she inspired me.

Eris has worked as an advocate/activist with organizations supporting LGBTQ persons, justice system reform, reproductive rights and more. She’s also an incredibly talented poet, particularly in spoken word.

You can find more of Eris’ work:

She’s @eriseady on IG/Twitter/FB

I also HIGHLY recommend watching her poetry here:



It will shake your core. And it should.

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