Namaste Nik's February Retreat

I met Nikki almost exactly a year ago, when I went to a dance class at PUREMVMNT. It was the first class I ever took like that - sensual dance. And it was amazing. I was shocked at how comfortable I was dancing in the class. I think the dim lights helped but I think Nikki’s demeanor and enthusiasm helped the most. She’s all about finding your confidence within and using movement (yoga and dance) as a way to connect to our body and love our body.

I thought it was super cute when Nikki followed me out of class (I had to leave right on the dot), and asked for my instagram handle so we can keep in touch. I’ve been following her ever since and completely in love with her soul.

Nikki’s full-time job is a middle school teacher, but she also teaches yoga and dance, and also has her OWN company, where she does private yoga sessions and retreats. I DO NOT KNOW HOW SHE HAS THE TIME. But she kills it. And she’s one of those people you love being around because she is genuinely positive and loving. NOT NICE. And I’m definitely not saying she’s not nice, Nikki is super nice. But there is a difference between someone who is nice to you and someone who has a loving and positive energy about them. You can’t help but want to be around her. I’ve always wanted to go on one of her retreats but my bank account has stopped me (which is total BS because her retreats are completely reasonable and I should put my money where my mouth is).


All of that is to say, I’ve never been on her retreats but i was so freaking happy when she asked me to come and take photos of her yoga retreat in February. And it was a dream come true, that I never knew I had.

I follow a lot of wedding photographers on Instagram because I love wedding photos (also, Nikki has the most gorgeous wedding photos in the world, spoiler: on the coast of California and she’s wearing a grey/silver gown. I know…so pretty). So I follow a lot of these, and the REALLY GOOD photographers will often post about how they feel lucky to be a part of the couple’s special day. They genuinely feel grateful for being a part of the experience. And I always thought that was nice. But I didn’t really get it until I photographed Nikki’s retreat.

There are hundreds of photographers in the Northeast Ohio area, so for Nikki to ask me was a total honor. I was there for about 3 hours and every minute I wasn’t trying to find focus on my camera, I was thinking “I can’t believe they allowed me in this space.” Because if you don’t know, yoga retreats can be very a sacred place. It’s all about relaxation and connection and there’s a lot of vulnerability that goes on there. So for a total stranger to come in for the 10 participants is kind of a big deal.

I got to shoot the experience of the retreat and also gave a mini shoot for each participant who wanted one (Nikki’s idea - genius). And I was so happy with how the photos turned out…but it doesn’t really matter what I think - it’s what the client thinks. So when Nikki texted me, “My husband is like, why are you yelling. “BC THESE PICTURES ARE SO GOOD!!!” I was super happy.


I had an amazing time. And I totally recommend checking out Nikki at or @namastenik on Instagram. Her next retreat is March 29-31 and women only. You can find the info here.

Nikki teaches at Citizen Yoga in Beachwood, OH. She has a workshop Yoga For Back Pain coming up. And she does private yoga sessions.

Also - if you see chef & food photos below - it’s because Nikki’s mom caters the WHOLE retreat. She makes wonderful, healthy, and sometimes raw but always delicious food. You can find her company here.


Are you looking for a photographer in the Cleveland or Northeast Ohio area? Let me know! Email me at and tell me a little bit about what you’re looking for and we can set something up!

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