So many life changes

When I lost my job last April, I decided to take the six months of unemployment wages and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. After the six months, I knew I could not go back to a regular office/work environment - with several layers of bosses and performance reviews and feedback on my hair. Choosing not to reenter the traditional workforce was controversial to some, which makes sense. But I knew that I couldn’t rush into another job that would ultimately hate me just as much as the last two jobs had. I didn’t need anymore feedback on my hair from my coworkers, k thanks!

Opening Tall Hair Creative has been a huge endeavor. Other than not having health insurance and a consistent paycheck, I have no complaints. The last few months have finally felt like I was settling into my new life.

But of course my life can’t be that easy. My landlords decided not to renew my month-to-month lease, forcing me to leave May 1st. This is devastating for so many reasons.

I called my cousin, Erin, to fill her in. I was explaining that I am not very marketable to other landlords without a steady paycheck. So, I know I couldn’t just go get another apartment in Cleveland. And her immediate response was “Move here! With me! To Denver! Now!”

I thought for sure she didn’t have room for me, as she has two beautiful kids. She assured me she did. I thought for sure she would not want my dog and cat or her apartment complex would not allow it, but she assured me it was okay. She told me she just wants me to have a safe place to stay and feel loved. And I cried. I cried hysterically. For so many reasons. But mostly because I felt loved. And that’s really all I need right now.

I didn’t plan to leave Cleveland at this time but I’ve known for awhile that I would be leaving Cleveland in the next year or so. So this just seemed like the right time to make the move. Of course, I am devastated to leave my friends here and the clients I have worked with closely on branding and photoshoots. I feel like I was forming some very strong bonds, especially with my monthly photo shoot clients. Making this all very hard.

Nevertheless, I am excited! It’s official: I will be moving to Denver on May 1st, where i will continue to operate Tall Hair Creative. I will be offering branding, design, and creative strategy to ANYONE IN THE WORLD. And I will be able to meet new amazing brand photography clients in Denver. I am so excited to grow as a person and as a brand in Denver.

It’s been a crazy two weeks. And I have so much to do to get ready to move May 1. Especially hectic because I will be in Tokyo March 31 – April 12. But I did want to share this with you all now. More to come.

Thank you all for following along my journey. I can’t wait to share my life in Denver with you.