Talking About Engagement Management

Over the past week, I've had a lot of ideas swarming around my head. Thankfully, I've had a lot of time in airports and on planes to furiously jot down notes to try and figure it all out.

Here's what I came up with so far:

  • New and small businesses need a lot of help, a broad range of services.

  • Tall Hair offers a lot of different creative services to new and small businesses.

  • New and small businesses need more than one-time services.

That's when I came up with…

Engagement Management Services

Engagement Management Plans would be monthly subscription plans that would take care of all your engagements needs. Each client picks out the engagement services they need to create a monthly bundle

  • Images or template designs for social media

  • Captions for social media

  • Pinterest management

  • Email newsletter marketing

  • Blog writing

  • Retainer hours (for design work or website refresh)

Engagement Management Monthly Plans are meant to:

  • Take all of your social media, communication (i.e. engagement) tasks off your plate

  • Streamline all of the ways you engage with your audience or customers

  • Centralize the voice and visual elements to create a more cohesive brand identity

  • Ensure your reaching out and engaging with your audience on a consistent basis

How do you know if you need a Monthly Engagement Management Plan?

  • If you’re struggling to get all of your content created, edited, and sent on a consistent schedule

  • If you’re overwhelmed with all of the different engagement mediums - i.e. social media, newsletters, blogs

  • If you’re confused about what you should share on engagement platforms

As I mentioned, I'm still working out the deets on this, but instead of finalizing everything by myself, putting it on my website, and telling you to buy it, I want some input from you!

I am looking for a few brave souls to join a one-month pilot program!

What would the Engagement Management Pilot Program look like?

1. We'll start with a Discovery Call - an informational interview about you, your business, and your engagement needs.

2. We'll come up with your custom package; deciding on which engagement services you need, as many or as few as you need.

3. We'll meet again to conceptualize the month's content

4. I will manage the design, scheduling, and execution of all the content for the month, taking everything off your plate

5. Because you're in a pilot program, you will receive 50% off for the month.

If you have questions about the Engagement Management Pilot Program or you're interested - email me at or text me at 248-789-3563. In your message tell me a little bit about your business, what you're looking for, and your budget. I am only holding a few spots for this pilot program, so reach out soon.

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