Best Tips for Employer Branding in 2019

We have all spent hours crafting a comprehensive job description, posted the opening around the internet, only to receive 100 unqualified applications for every one applicant that we might call in for an interview. It can be discouraging. Reviewing applications is not an easy or quick task; and to pore over all of those unqualified applicants is a waste of your precious time. To help protect your time and energy, we’ve compiled a list of employer branding best practices that will help you attract the right talent and build awareness of your brand in 2019. 

Build Credibility with an Aligned Brand

Your recruiting marketing is just as important as the marketing for your entire organization. There is a slight, but very important, difference between the two. Marketing for your entire organization is focused on attracting customers, while recruitment marketing is about attracting employees.

When you are building an employer brand start with the existing brand for your business - the colors, fonts, photography, and other visual elements your brand uses to communicate with your audience. All of these are important elements to keep consistent in your employer brand. When you are consistent in your branding, you come off as more credible, which builds trust with your audience.

Anything coming out of your organization should share a cohesive look. Whether it’s printed flyers, website, packaging, or social media posts, they should all look like they came from the same place and share a similar tone in messaging.

Before you start building out your employer brand, check-in with your organization’s Marketing team to ensure that you’re in line with any brand guidelines they have established. Most likely, they will have a lot of tools already built out, which will end up saving you time in the long run. 

Keep Your Job Descriptions Consistent

One of the most frequently forgotten employer branding tips is keeping your job descriptions and postings consistent. After your overall brand, your job descriptions are the most important thing to keep consistent. Using the same format for every job description will make your job postings visually appealing and easily readable. 

Of course, what will change for each job postings are the responsibilities of the job and the skills required. When you’re developing the job description, work with the hiring managers to develop a comprehensive skill set list. Ask them what skills someone would need to demonstrate on a regular basis to be successful in this role. If your hiring managers are struggling to come up with skills or are giving you generic skills (i.e. good at problem-solving), ask them for stories of when they saw someone be successful in achieving their goals. Be sure to follow up with probing questions to hear more helpful skills that would be necessary for the role. 

Promote the Benefits You Offer

Employer branding in 2019 is all about standing out from the crowd of other employers. Just like you are screening applicants for the right fit, candidates are looking for the company where they will thrive. Job postings aren’t just for sharing what you are looking for, they are equally a great opportunity to share what is special about your organization.

In each job description, make sure to include a short “What We Offer” section. You don’t have to get into details about your healthcare coverage or your 401k programs, but be sure to mention if you offer those benefits. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about some of the benefits that speaks to your organizational culture. For example, if you offer discounts to gym memberships, host happy hours, or you provide free snacks. Even if you’re a small organization without a big budget for culture and perks, think about promoting the non-monetary benefits, i.e. if your employees have the option to work from home or have flex time. Your “What We Offer” section is a great way to attract top talent who will fit in nicely with your organization.

Use Social Media to Share Behind the Scenes

In 2019, social media is a big part of all of our lives. It’s been a proven method to get the word out about your company, and it’s a great (often free) opportunity to advertise your job openings. However, because social media is so ubiquitous and there are so many different platforms, it can be overwhelming and confusing.  

Here is the good news about social media and employer branding: if someone is following your organization’s social media, they are already invested in your mission, which is a great way to ensure that you’re speaking to the right people.

The best way to promote your employer brand on social media is to show behind the scenes photos of your organization. Take eye-catching photographs of your team collaborating, working, and doing what they do best, and include an authentic caption, telling a compelling story of your organization. This is the perfect opportunity to really share what’s great about working at your organization. If you’re authentic and true to your organization’s values, you will attract the right people. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #bts (behind the scenes). If you want to go to the extra mile, create a hashtag for your employer branding, i.e. #TallHairCreativeAtWork or #TallHairCreativeWorkLife.

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