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Freelance Writer | brand & website Designer

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I am…

  • based in Denver and love to explore the world, even though it terrifies me every time I do it.

  • a gifted writer, a creative problem solver, and a fantastic listener.

  • the parent of a rambunctious hound, Daphne.

  • a self-starter and an ambitious lady, with a passion for helping others tell their story and knack for hearing what others need, even if they don’t know it yet

  • passionate about storytelling, and I believe that all writing – creative, copy, social media is a way for us to share our story and what makes us different.


Previous Work Experience

Founder & Director, Tall Hair Creative

Tall Hair Creative is a Brand Design & Creative Strategy for courageous teams and individuals offering brand development, Squarespace website design, & copywriting, as well as one-on-one coaching and strategy consultation to define your vision and create a strategic plan. 

Organizational Development Consultant & HR Professional

Over seven years of experience as a Recruiter, HR professional, and OD Consultant, responsible for developing programs, designing handbooks and training guides, writing job descriptions, and constructing the entire recruitment marketing campaign, & diverse industry experience, including: education, healthcare, technology, insurance, manufacturing, & nonprofit.


Technical Skills

Writing | Social Media | Adobe Creative Suite | Copywriting | Squarespace Website Development 

What I’m Good At

Asking the right questions to gather relevant information

Help my client gain clarity and understand their own needs

Checking-in for understanding with my clients

Interpreting what I heard and translating it to great copy


  • M.S. Positive Organization Development & Change

  • Emotional Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

  • Emotional Social Competency Inventory 360°

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher



“encouraging, supportive, open, honest, & bold”

“a spiritual sherpa…Since working with Stephanie, I have clarity. Clarity about who I am and how I operate in the world. Clarity about what type of work I want to do.”

“intelligent, funny, & passionate”


“brave, funny, independent, and forward-thinking. She innately pursues connections between people; she is sincere and genuine in interactions with others.”

“relatable, funny, real, hardworking, and easy to talk to.”

“organized, efficient & so fun to work with”


Client projects

life coach women brand website design and copywriting.png
life coach women brand website design and copywriting.png

Helen Foster, Owner of HeleFab Enterprises


Helen owns, HeleFab Enterprises, a life coaching biz (well life coaching isn’t that great of a term for it, she’s more like a business owner who facilities programs for women to be badass and live their dreams).

On our first call, Helen told me how she wanted to work with women and young girls, to help them break out of the box that society has put around them. She offers services that help women define their own rules and creates an inclusive space for them to learn, develop, and grow.


While Helen knew the type of service she wanted to offer and to what type of women, she needed some help organizing her services in a clear and concise way, as well as writing descriptions for each.


We talked for at length about her services, what she offers now and wants to eventually grow to offering. I helped her clarify her thoughts, which resulted in her dividing her coaching services into three distinct packages. I named each package, using language that’s on brand for her coven inspired website/brand. I wrote copy that clearly explains each package and a brief description of who each package would be best for.

In addition to her services, I wrote the copy for her entire site. I wrote it to be really strong, powerful, feminist, and loving. I focused on not playing by the rules, meeting clients where they’re at, and community, all of which are super important to Helen.

I wrote quick, eye-catching copy for the homepage with smart headers and gripping call to actions, her About Me page, and a page for her podcast.


The work completely matched my personality and exactly what I was looking for. Stephanie really listens to what you do and how your business works, and asks great questions to get more detailed answers from you - this results in a brand that is exactly YOU.
— Helen Foster
life coach women brand website design and copywriting.png

Melissa Stokoski Brand Website Design Copywriting Services.jpg

Melissa Stokoski, Comedian


Melissa Stokoski is a comedian, actress, and writer based in Brooklyn. She hosts a weekly show, The Bitches Brew, and most recently, Melissa gained a lot of notoriety when she co-wrote and starred in HANDMAID’S TALE: THE MUSICAL.


When we first started talking, she told me how frustrated she was with her website but she had been hesitant to update it because she didn’t really know her brand as a comedian. Both had been an ongoing source of confusion and nuisance for Melissa for years. She even told me that she hated sending bookers and producers to her website because she was so embarrassed by it.


comedy branding copywriting.jpg

We started with a very long, very hilarious phone call, spending a lot of time talking through what kind of comedian Melissa wanted to be, or more specifically, what she wanted her brand to be as a comedian. We talked through everything - personal and professional, what she talked about on stage, the types of things she likes to write, and what she didn’t like to do.

Melissa Stokoski Brand Website Design Copywriting Services.jpg.jpg

The longer we talked, the more clarity she gained. She wanted to lean into her edgy comedy, and position herself as a raw and honest comic. Before, Melissa was scared to fully identify as this, even though she was talking about sex, dating, feminism, & other typically taboo topics on stage. Our discovery call gave her the confidence to own her identity and build a brand around it.

From there it was easy to build out her brand and write her copy. I designed and wrote copy for five pages of her website, including catchy headers, information to contact her, and her calendar of shows.


Stephanie is organized, efficient, and so fun to work with. She has a unique vision and applies it to her client’s voice perfectly.

She executed work even more quickly than I had anticipated and was always available for any questions I had. She has a great approach and is an excellent listener.

Our work together brought me confidence and clarity, which makes it easier to work on my own and with others. Now I have a clearer vision of what I’m doing and what I want with a website I’m proud to show.
— Melissa Stokoski


Best Self Help Books.png

Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde is a lifestyle blog featuring stories on beauty, health, home, travel, and more. I have been featured multiple times on Barefoot Blonde in their Contributors section.

Essays include:

  • Five Ways to Reset for Fall

  • Best Beauty Products at Trader Joe’s

  • Five Books to Inspire Your Best Life

You can find all of my work on Barefoot Blonde here.


Harness Magazine

Harness Magazine is a digital and print publication dedicated to empowering women through creative expression, publishing articles, artwork and poetry from women around the world. I have been featured on Harness Magazine several times.

Essays include:

  • How I Learned to Embrace Fear

  • Getting to Cuba

  • What Boudoir Photography Taught Me About My Body

You can find my all of writing for Harness Magazine here.

For Women Who Roar

For Women Who Roar™ is a digital and print magazine featuring the voices, experiences, and art of women.

I was featured in For Women Who Roar’s inaugural print edition of their magazine., Volume 01, included my story “Circle v. Lines”.

You can read the story here.


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