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the monthly subscription plan

what is it

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to connect with your customers and having clean, cohesive designs can really establish your brand identity with your audience. BUT… constantly creating new templates can get overwhelming really quick.

That’s why we offer custom made IG Story Templates in a monthly subscription plan. You don’t have to worry about a damn thang! Each month, different, beautiful templates are dropped in your inbox. Without lifting a finger, you can save 10+ hours a month, and spend your time on something else - like responding to the 100 emails you’ve been ignoring or squeeze in a few extra yoga classes, or whatever you want to do!

Depending on the subscription plan you chose, you will receive a pack of 3, 5, or 10 templates per month. A pack = an assortment of individual templates. A template = 1 layout that we have custom designed for you and your brand. (No, we don't use Canva layouts.).


Your templates will portray your brand identity, i.e. your colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic. Templates will be made in Adobe Illustrator & Canva and sent via Canva. Templates will have text boxes, but will not include copywriting.

Getting Started

Once you decide which plan is best for you (below), you will sign up for a monthly subscription plan via Paypal. Then you will complete a questionnaire, telling me about your brand identity and what you’re looking for. After you sign up, purchase your first month, and fill out the questionnaire you will receive your first pack of templates the first week of the following month.

Note: A six-month commitment is required.

monthly subscription plans


3 custom story templates


Best for someone who has the occasional announcement to make.

5 custom story templates


Best for someone who has a weekly announcement, i.e. "New blog post up".

10 custom story templates


Best for someone sharing or promoting something 2+ times a week.