email newsletter writing services

We develop high-quality content for your email newsletter campaigns, that provide value to your audience, i.e. not spammy. Our whole goal is to send emails that benefit and interest the folks on your list.

When you sign up for the Newsletter Writing Services, we will craft  catchy headlines and concise blurbs, providing your audience with quick glances of the content on your site, driving traffic back to your website, and turning followers into customers. Through curating thought provoking articles, custom imagery, and news that your audience cares about, we work to increase your open and click through rates, as well as decrease the “unsubscribe” rate.


  • 90-minute Discovery Call - We will hop on the phone to get to know each other, learn about your organization, identify your goals for email marketing, and uncover who the dream customer is you’re trying to reach

  • Lead Magnet Design - We’ll collaborate with you to create something that will spark engagement and convert passive followers into a thriving community. We can design ebooks, worksheets, infographics, and more that can be dowloaded immediately.

  • Strategic Planning - We’ll collaborate to decide how often you want to send out a newsletter. Once we’ve decided on the campaign schedule, we’ll meet once a month for 30-minutes to strategize about the upcoming month’s content.

  • Create & Send - Tall Hair Creative will develop your newsletter, send to you a week ahead of time for approval, and depending on your needs, can assist with sending out or auto-scheduling.