Meet the team

Stephanie DeLacy, founder & director

Stephanie is Founder and Creative Director at Tall hair. She is a gifted writer, a creative problem solver, and a fantastic listener. Stephanie has worked in social work, recruitment, and consulting, where she had a knack for building strong relationships and tackling challenges.

A self-starter and an ambitious lady, Stephanie always wanted to start her own business but could never quite land on the perfect idea. Until she started writing on her blog, where she learned the power of storytelling. Through sharing her experiences and most vulnerable feelings on a public platform, her worldview shifted. Stephanie learned that storytelling is the best way to know ourselves, experience genuine connection, and live authentically and she saw an opportunity in the market to design solutions through storytelling.

Stephanie spends her time reading, eating, writing for her blog, traveling, and very occasionally running or practicing yoga. She lives with dog, Daphne and cat, Pizza Baby in Denver.

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Maggie Isley, Wordpress Boss

Maggie manages all of the WordPress website design for Tall Hair Creative. She is passionate about working with purpose-driven small businesses who desperately want to make a difference, but want to make a buck, too.

Maggie has experience working with solopreneurs to small-mid size businesses, handling everything from web design and hosting, to design and photography.

When Maggie is not creating crazy amazing design or teaching, she can be found cuddled up on her couch with her husband and pups flipping between 30 Rock, Seinfeld and Arrested Development. She would invite my sons to join us on the couch, but she would need a bigger couch for that.

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jackie dryden.jpg

Jackie dryden, master of illustration

Jackie directs our custom illustration. She has almost a decade’s worth years of design experience working in experiential marketing, advertising and apparel design.

At Tall Hair Creative, Jackie works to design custom logos, patterned and textured brand elements like business cards and Instagram stories.

With a BFA in Illustration from The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, she always had an eye for design and branding in addition to her illustration studies. She possesses a wide range of skills including graphic design, art direction, illustration, and hand-lettering. Jackie has worked with big hitters such as Reebok, GM, Anthropologie, and more.

When Jackie is not making art professionally, or personally, you can find her playing with her dog Bear, watching movies with her husband, or playing board games with her beautiful family in Metro Detroit. Jackie and her husband, Mike, are expecting their first child in September 2019.

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helen foster, business coach

Helen founded HeleFab, a community of fierce, strong, amazing women, who are committed to supporting women on their quest to misbehave, because for far too long, women have been told to be quiet, remain small, and stay withing the lines that the patriarchy has built. But she believes following these rules holds us back, preventing us from sharing our magic with the world.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Helen has dedicated her creative career to showing women that they can live the exact life that they want - not the one society says they “should” live.

As your Business Coach, Helen helps you fight feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed, while holding you accountable as you achieve your next goal.

Check out Helen's coaching business HeleFab here.


our process

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what does tall hair mean?

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guiding principles



Knowing your story clears up the fog clouding your head, giving you clarity, insight, and intuition so you can solve your toughest challenges. We help you uncover your own story so you can cultivate connection - to your team and your dream customers.


design thinking

At Tall Hair, we are designers, for people and organizations. Designers use a human-centered approach to solving problems and creating change. We use the principles of design-thinking (learn, brainstorm, test, and try again) to create the business or life you dream of.



Your story is worth throwing a party. It is hard work getting to the core of your story and it is what ultimately sets you apart from the crowd- and we believe in celebrating that. Throughout our work together, we’ll throw confetti and toast to your wins.