we make the stuff that you need and your customers want.

And we call it Engagement Management. What’s that, you ask? Keep reading.

Engagement: All of the ways you can you have the opportunity to create connection with your audience: Instagram, blogs, Facebook, newsletters, LinkedIn, and so much more.

Management: Expertise and support to streamline all of the ways you engage with your audience, centralize the voice and visual elements to create a more cohesive brand identity, and ensure your reaching out and engaging with your audience on a consistent basis.

We specialize in creating content that focuses on building a loyal follower base and cultivating a thriving community via:

  • Conveying your brand’s authentic voice and unique point of view

  • Providing authentic and helpful content that sparks engagement and converts passive followers into loyal customers

  • Effectively communicate what you offer, while giving your audience the resources and information they can truly benefit from


Our engagement management packages include services such as (but aren’t limited to):

email newsletter marketing

Send your audience authentic content they care about.

  • newsletters - including design, content creation (copywriting), and email list management

  • automated email funnel campaign creation

  • full strategy, creation & management

social media management

Cultivate real connections with your dream customers any social media platform.

  • strategic monthly content calendar

  • complete content creation/curation - images & captions

  • custom designs for social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)

  • branded story designs

  • original caption copywriting

  • post scheduling

  • engagement with your audience


  • blog writing

  • lead magnet design

  • branded social media ads

  • board & pin optimization (Pinterest)


more info

+ what are your engagement management services?

Every businesses needs are different, especially when it comes to engagement. That's why we offer custom bundles to fit your brands needs. You can pick and choose the type of services you want included and the frequency to build your very own Engagement Management bundle. Your bundle is all about you, your business, and what you need.

+ how do engagement management bundles work?

First, you pick the engagement services you want to focus on. Next, you decide on the frequency of each service per month and any helpful specifics. [Example: 1 700-word blog post per month, 3 Instagram posts per week, and 4 email newsletters.] Then we will agree on pricing and the scope of work in a services agreement.

+ what services can be in an engagement management bundle?

  • complete content creation/curation - images, custom designs, and captions for social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  • blog post writing
  • email newsletter marketing (copy and images)
  • blog writing
  • branded social media ads
  • custom lead magnet design
  • board & pin optimization (Pinterest)

+ what is the process?

We will meet to talk about your needs, we'll get on the same page about your engagment needs and your bundle. We will dive deep into you and your brand's voice. This is when we will brainstorm about the content that is important to your audience and collaborate about the type of content you want to be sharing.

Once we have an overall strategy, each month, the content is created, you review, provide feedback, changes made, and then finally it is scheduled to post!


  • If you’re struggling to get all of your content created, edited, and sent on a consistent schedule.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with all of the different engagement mediums - i.e. social media, newsletters, blogs.
  • If you’re confused about what you should share on engagement platforms.

+ how do you get the photos?

Each month, I curate images or take original photos, edit them as needed. Before we go live, each month you will get the chance to you look them over and approve them or request edits.

+ what is the investment?

Every bundle is priced differently based on the scope of the work. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we can give you a better idea of the total investment.


let’s do this.


start sharing really good content and building a community of loyal customers.