do you know your website’s job? do you know its purpose?

You wouldn’t hire an employee without knowing their job title and description; because the would just sit there all day. Why would you pay $20 a month for a website template and domain to do the same?

you need a website that doesn’t sit around all day.

It’s not groundbreaking to say that you need a website to run a business these days. But not many people tell you that you need an amazing website to run a successful business. An amazing website is designed from a clear vision and purpose. When we build your website, we start with getting absolutely crystal clear on what you want it to do.

If you’re confused about how to put together an effective website, or tired of your DIY attempts, or you’ve noticed that what has worked in the past for you, isn’t working anymore - it’s likely that your website (or you) don’t have a vision for it. Or a vision that supports the vision you have for your business.

your website needs a vision to do its job.

Do you want it to drive sales? Do you want it to tell readers where to find your next show? Do you want it to be a resource for your expertise? Whatever it is, your website needs a purpose. Once you know that, your website can be a key player in achieving your dreams. At Tall Hair Creative we build custom, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites for creatives to share their message, and for their audience to use as a helpful resource.


custom website design

We offer custom website design for both Squarespace and WordPress that will illustrate the essence of your brand and emulate your authentic voice, all while doing its job. Every custom website design project starts with a discovery call and a lot of prep work to get clear on what you need your website to do to support your creative goals.

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+ what is included in website design?

  • A 60-minute discovery call
  • Up to five pages of a fully-customized, mobile-friendly Squarespace website
  • URL set-up
  • Browser icon
  • Set-up for contact forms, your blog, gallery, or calendar
  • Newsletter opt-in integration
  • Custom coding as necessary
  • Upload photos and videos
  • 2 rounds for feedback and changes
  • 1-hour training on how to use and update your new site
  • 1 month of support after site is launched
  • E-Commerce Shop Set-Up (for additional cost)
  • Copywriting (for additional cost)

+ what platforms do you work with?

We build websites on both Squarespace and WordPress.

+ do you offer hosting services?

Yes! For WordPress users at an additional fee.

what is the process?

Once we meet to talk about your needs, we'll decide together on the exact services you need. After signing an agreement and submitting a deposit, we get started!

We start every project off with a deep dive to fully understand your vision for your business and what you want the website we develop to achieve.

After getting a clear idea of what the job is of your website, we build it! You will have the chance for two rounds of review and changes.

+ do you offer training or support?

Of course! After you are completely satisfied with the look and feel of your website, we will meet virtually for an overview of your website, including how to use the platform.

+ what is the timeline?

We guarantee 4-12 weeks, depending on our schedule and the scope of the project.

+ what is the investment?

Squarespace website design starts at $2,000. WordPress website design starts at $3,000. The cost to register at either platform and the cost of a domain are not included.

+ ok, i'm in! how do we get started?

Fill the form below to send us a message and reach out shortly to set up a call with you where we learn more about your website needs.

website refresh

perfect for

I get it. You’ve been really, really busy since you first built your website or paid that freelancer to do; you’ve only had the chance to make a few updates every now and then. But I have bad news for you - it needs a facelift. Over time, your website has become weak in some areas: broken links, spelling errors, and your branding. And to be honest, a lot of stuff you have on there probably doesn’t apply anymore. That’s why we offer the Website Refresh!




  • 5 hours of work on your site

  • Checking and fixing all of your links

  • Visually appealing layout for all of your pages

  • Editing your copy, correcting spelling errors, and tightening up your words

  • Add some pretty visuals - photos, patterns, color blocks, etc

  • Help setting up your mailing list & offering a free offering

  • Whatever else you need

Client, Maggie Isley, designed her own website with the help of Tall Hair Creative photography -

Client, Maggie Isley, designed her own website with the help of Tall Hair Creative photography -

website photography

Tired of using the same stock photography as everyone else? We can help build a library of beautiful original photography for your website.

custom options

+ 1 hour photoshoot, in-person and on location photo shoot, to capture you and/or your products

+ Not local? No problem. I can take photos of your products or lifestyle images that compliment your brand and will look beautiful on your website.

Starts at $200, includes 40 edited images

stock photos

Don’t have any photos for your site? When you hire us for website design, we can research & upload a set of commercial free photos that compliment your brand.

Starts at $100


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