brittany parker

Stephanie took all of the guess work out of getting started. She provided me with resources to help me dream of what my ideal practice would look like, who my customers would be, etc.

What I appreciated most was that she helped me get clear on what I truly needed to do, prioritizing what was important, tabling what might come next, and getting rid of any steps that weren't necessary. The work was beautiful, professional, and exactly what I wanted. Stephanie was able to take a vague idea that I had and create a brand that fits perfectly.


ember professional development

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Stephanie is organized, efficient, and so fun to work with. She has a unique vision and applies it to her client's voice perfectly.

She executed work even more quickly than I had anticipated and was always available for any questions I had. She has a great approach and is an excellent listener.

Our work together brought me confidence and clarity, which makes it easier to work on my own and with others. Now I have a clearer vision of what I'm doing and what I want with a website I'm proud to show.

Melissa Stokoski

I wanted a space on the internet that conveyed my authentic vision more clearly - a space that felt like my own to blog in. Through the process, Stephanie helped me discover the true potential of my vision and showed me how I could make it a reality, and I ended up with a beautiful website that I can use for much more than blogging.

Stephanie asked me questions that I would never have thought to think about when designing my brand - her emphasis was on my story. It really felt like she wanted to infuse my branding with who I am and make my website design and style guide something that speaks my message for me. She was reliable and communicative and genuinely receptive to feedback, making modifications based on preferences of mine that came up in the process.
— Anne, Blogger (Seattle)

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Stephanie is a true professional. She listened to my vision, have thoughtful feedback and we got to work. It was so easy and we got through all my shots quickly, and she kept shooting even in the rain!

Shibani Faehnle, Bombay Taxi Boutique

I was able to gain some clarity about what drives me, professionally, and what career paths I might want to pursue long-term. It also forced me to reevaluate how I spend my time, and what boundaries I might need to set in order to avoid burnout.

This is a supportive, safe space where you can reflect on your personal and professional strengths and challenges. It is also an opportunity to get unbiased feedback from someone, in order to identify potential ways to grow as a person and professional.
— Anna Brandt, Cleveland

The work completely matched my personality and exactly what I was looking for. Stephanie really listens to what you do and how your business works, and asks great questions to get more detailed answers from you - this results in a brand that is exactly YOU.
— Helen Foster, Life Coach (Charlotte)

Zoe Brown Gone Girl Go.jpg

I needed more professional looking pics for my website and social media. Stephanie was patient…I love my pics. They created a mood...they were moody.

zoe brown

Stephanie is relatable, funny, real, hardworking, and easy to talk to.
Before Stephanie and I started working together, I’d been going through a huge transitional phase of my life.
Since working with Stephanie, my goals are clearer. She taught me how to set goals that are attainable and within my reach (I love setting really lofty goals, but then I get discouraged when I don’t achieve them). Setting multiple small goals that are easier to achieve helps me build momentum and stay motivated.
— Leah Wilson, Cleveland

I pushed myself to really open up to the process. Stephanie did an amazing job of respecting my space and my vulnerability. I felt like I had a coach and a spiritual sherpa.

Since working with Stephanie, I have clarity. Clarity about who I am and how I operate in the world. Clarity about what type of work I want to do.
— Aimee Dudas, Cleveland